Manual slips are crucial devices used to secure the drill-string within the rotary table during drilling operations. Comprising three or more hinged steel wedges, they create a nearly circular shape around the drill pipe. These slips feature durable, replaceable slip inserts that are gently embedded into the inner side of the drill pipe. The outer surface of the slips is tapered to match the inner taper of the insert bowl. When the drill pipe is gradually lowered into the slips, the inserts grip the pipe, causing the slips to descend and effectively lock everything together.

This allows the upper part of the drillstring to be disconnected by the rig crew while the lower portion remains suspended. To release the slips’ grip, the driller lowers the drillstring after attaching another component to the lower portion. The rig crew then removes the slips from the rotary.

Various types of manual slips are available, designed to accommodate different types of pipe and load ratings:

1. Rotary Slips
2. Drill Collar Slips
3. Casing Slips

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