Umbilical Bowl & Slip

Umbilical Bowl & Slip - Spectrum Drilling Tools
Umbilical Insert Bowl
Umbilical Bowl & Slip - Spectrum Drilling Tools
30" Round for National RT

Umbilical Bowl & Slip

Customized Umbilical/Slotted Bowls can be produced to meet specific customer needs. These bowls are designed for use with 27½” and 37½” Master Bushings. Umbilical bowls are compatible with NOV/Wirth/Forum and other Master Bushings that adhere to API standards.

Furthermore, we can create custom Umbilical/Slotted Rotary Slips (SDS, SDML, SDXL, RHS) to complement the Umbilical bowls as per your requirements.

In our manufacturing range, we offer the following types of Umbilical Bowls:

  1. Umbilical Bowl No. 2: Designed to handle tubular sizes ranging from 9-5/8″ to 10-3/4″.

  2. Umbilical Bowl No. 3: Designed to handle tubular sizes from 2-3/8” to 8-5/8″.

We can also make customized umbilical bowls and umbilical slips as per customer requirements.

Features & Benefits

API Standard
  • Our Insert Bowls are manufactured in strict accordance with the latest API-7K specifications, ensuring their quality and compliance with industry standards.
  • Spectrum has been proudly holding an API-7K License for Rotary Bushings for the past 23 years and continues to do so.
Design Features
  • Spectrum’s Insert Bowls are equivalent to and interchangeable with NOV/Forum variants, making them compatible with NOV/Forum/Drillmec, as well as other standard make Master Bushings.
  • The Insert Bowls are suitable for both 27½” and 37½” Master Bushings and feature a standard taper that enhances the support and performance of slips during operations.
  • Rated Load Capacity : 500 Ton
  • Estimated Design life : 10 Years
Health, Safety and Environment
  • Insert Bowls manufactured following HSE guidelines.
  • The easy fitment of Insert Bowls in Master Bushings reduces downtime significantly.
  • Insert Bowls undergo a rigorous series of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Destructive Testing (DT) processes as part of our quality control measures, ensuring the safety and reliability of the product at the rig site.
  • Excellent durability.
Lead Time
  • We provide the fastest delivery with a short lead time for Insert Bowls.

  • We maintain a substantial inventory of spares to ensure their availability with very short lead times, minimizing downtime on the rig. huge inventory.

Part List for Umbilical / Slotted Bowl

Description For 27.1⁄2” Master Bushing For 37.1⁄2” Master Bushing
Umbilical / Slotted Insert Bowl No. 3 to handle tubular size 2.3/8” to 8.5/8”
Umbilical Bowl No. 2 to handle tubular size 9.5/8” to 10.3/4” / Slotted Insert
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