HT Manual Tong 65

NOV HT Equivalent Manual Tong – 100000 Ft-lbs, Wirth Equivalent Manual Tong – 100000 Ft-lbs, DenCon Equivalent Manual Tong – 100000 Ft-lbs, Varco Equivalent Manual Tong – 100000 Ft-lbs, Oilwell Equivalent Manual Tong – 100000 Ft-lbs, Emsco Equivalent Manual Tong – 100000 Ft-lbs, HMH Equivalent Manual Tong – 100000 Ft-lbs, National Equivalent Manual Tong – 100000 Ft-lbs, Forum Equivalent Manual Tong – 100000 Ft-lbs, BVm Equivalent Manual Tong – 100000 Ft-lbs,

HT Manual Tong 65 Ft-lbs

Spectrum Drilling Tools International manufactures the Manual Tong – 65000 in strict accordance with the latest API-7K specification, holding a valid API-7K License for Manual Tongs. This Manual Tong 65 is renowned for its excellent durability, constructed from high-grade alloy steel that undergoes precise hardening and tempering processes to achieve controlled hardness levels. It is tested in accordance with API-7K specifications to ensure quality and reliability.

The HT Manual Tong 65 is designed for the assembly and disassembly of tubular connections within the size range of 3½” to 17”. The tong’s versatility allows for the replacement of lug jaws to accommodate different pipe sizes, making it a versatile tool for handling a wide range of pipes. It is engineered to handle torque capacities of up to 65,000 Ft-lbs, making it well-suited for various drilling applications.

Features & Benefits

API Standard
  • Founding Company of Spectrum Drilling tools, i.e, Autobahn Industries is having API-7K License for all types of Manual Tongs for the past 23 years and continues to do so.
  • All Manual Tongs are supplied with the API-7K monogram, indicating compliance with the API-7K specifications and standards.
Design Features
  • The Manual Tong is meticulously designed, manufactured, and rigorously tested in strict accordance with the API-7K specification, ensuring its adherence to industry standards and quality requirements.
  • Rated Torque Capacity : 65000 Ft-Lbs
  • Pipe Range :  3½” to 17”
  • Design Life : 10 Years
Health, Safety and Environment
  • The production of Manual Tongs is carried out in accordance with Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) guidelines, emphasizing safety and environmental considerations throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Every Manual Tong undergoes a comprehensive series of both destructive and non-destructive tests to not only meet but also surpass the quality requirements outlined by API standards. This rigorous testing process is in place to guarantee that only high-quality products are delivered to our customers, ensuring their satisfaction and safety.
  • Given the critical nature of this equipment, we have chosen a special type of alloy that is selected for its ability to provide the best impact values. This careful material selection is crucial to ensure the reliability and safety of the product when it is in use at the rig site.
Lead Time
  • Fastest Delivery within shortest lead time.
  • Availability of Spares in very short lead time as we are maintaining the huge inventory.

Part List of ABMT - 65

S. No. Description P/N
Lever Assembly
Hanger Assembly
Long Jaw Assembly
Short Jaw Assembly
Latch Assembly
Lug Jaw Assembly (Range 3.1/2” – 8.1/2”)
Lug Jaw Assembly (Range 8” – 11.1/4”)*
Lug Jaw Assembly (Range 11.3/4” – 14.3/8”)*
Lug Jaw Assembly (Range 16” – 17”)*
Hinge Jaw Assembly (Range 8” – 17”)
Hinge Pin w/nut & Cotter Pin
Tong Die
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