Flexible Handles

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Flexible Handles

Spectrum Drilling Tools International manufactures flexible handle that can be easily assembled on slips without requiring any modifications. These flexible handles offer several advantages compared to standard handles:

  1. Enhanced Safety and Durability: Flexible handles are safer to use and more durable than standard handles, making them a reliable choice for handling slips.

  2. Bend and Recovery: The elastomer section of flexible handles allows them to bend when the elevator is lowered onto the slip. Once the elevator is removed, the flexible handles automatically return to their original shape.

  3. Reduced Risk of Damage: Flexible handles reduce the likelihood of bending or breaking, increasing their lifespan and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

  4. Injury Prevention: These handles also contribute to worker safety by reducing the risk of injury from being struck by spinning slip handles.

  5. Versatile Angles: Flexible handles can move to various angles in response to external loads or impacts, whereas standard handles remain fixed and cannot be adjusted during such events.

Description Handle Part No. For Rotary Slips Handle Part No. For Drill Collar Slips Handle Part No. For Casing Slips
Handle for Segment-Right End
5217F (R)
5321F (R)
Handle for Segment-Left End
5217F (L)
5321F (L)
Handle for Segment-Intermediate
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