Master Bushing 27.5″ Inbuild Taper Design

Master Bushing 27.5″ Inbuild Taper Design

Spectrum Drilling Tools International manufactures Split Type Pin Drive Master Bushings designed specifically for 27½” Rotary Tables. These Master Bushings strictly adhere to the latest API-7K specifications, and we proudly hold a valid API-7K Monogram for them.

Our Master Bushing is engineered for use in shallow to medium-depth wells and is suitable for 27-½” Rotary Tables. It features a standard taper of Insert Bowl No. 3, allowing it to handle tubular sizes ranging from 2-3/8” to 8-5/8”.

Features & Benefits

API Standard
  • Spectrum Drilling Tools International parent company has an API-7K License for Master Bushings for the past 23 years and continues to do so.
  • We supply Master Bushings that meet API-7K specifications and bear the API-7K Monogram.
Design Features
  • This Master Bushing is compatible with API-standard rotary tables, including those from NOV, Drillmec, and Wirth.
  • Our Master Bushings are equivalent to and can be interchanged with NOV Master Bushings.
  • Rated Load Capacity : 750 Ton
  • Design life : 10 Years
Health, Safety and Environment
  • Our Master Bushings are produced in full compliance with HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) guidelines.
  • Easy fitment and installation help minimize rig downtime.
  • Our master bushings undergo a comprehensive series of both destructive and non-destructive tests to ensure they not only meet but exceed API quality requirements. This stringent testing process ensures that only top-quality products are supplied to our customers.
Lead Time
  • We provide fast delivery with a maximum lead time of 07 days for Master Bushings.
  • We maintain a substantial inventory of stock to ensure minimal wait times for our customers, reducing rig downtime. Our spares are typically available within one week.
S. No. Description ABI Part No. Ref NOV Part No.
Medium Duty Split Type Pin Drive Master Bushing 27.1/2" Bare Body for 27.1/2" Rotary Table
Lifting Sling
Bit Breaker Adapter Plate
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