Bit Breaker Adapter Plate for Master Bushings

Bit Breaker Adapter Plate for Master Bushings - Spectrum Drilling Tools

Bit Breaker Adapter Plate for Master Bushings

Four-pin Bit breaker adapter plates are fitted in the Master Bushing Drive Pin Holes. Bit breaker adapter plates are designed for Master Bushings 37½” (MPCH), Master Bushing 27.1/2”, and 17.1/2”. Both bit breaker adapter plates. 

Features & Benefits

Technical Documents
  • Master Bushings will be provided in compliance with API-7K specifications and will bear the API-7K monogram for identification.
  • Spectrum has maintained its API-7K License for Master Bushing for the past 23 years and continues to do so.
Design Features
  • We will include essential technical documents, including the Certificate of Conformity (COC), Material Test Certificate, Hardness Test Certificates, and other relevant documentation, along with the material to ensure transparency and compliance.

Health, Safety and Environment
  • The products are manufactured in accordance with Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) guidelines, prioritizing safety and environmental considerations throughout the production process.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Our brand is widely recognized as the most reliable, earning the trust of users and contributing to enhanced crew safety during operations.
Lead Time
  • Fastest Delivery within shortest lead time.
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